The Resort

Mas del Sord is the oldest Masía in the area built around 1335, although there are references that date it since 1295 (usque in honores ipsius surdi vel ferrarii). It’s a spectacular landscape in a valley surrounded by vineyards with the magical beauty a few kilometers away from Tarragona and Reus, as well as from the best beaches and bays from the Costa Dorada.

It’s the perfect enotourism and sustainable tourism resort to enjoy with the family. During the last years the property has been changing its crops into vineyards, as a productive alternative in the whole valley. This has turned the resort to be placed in an outrageous, spectacular natural environment without comparison, that also offers our guests the possibility to learn closely the process of wine production and its characteristics.

The landscape provides endless possibilities of encounter with nature; trekking, hiking, horse back riding promenades and riding bicycles that complement the comfort and interior design offered in our resort. Our spectacular natural water pool, the carefully selected furniture, result of a very detailed rehabilitation and associated with the amazing landscape, makes our resort a Rustic Boutique alternative without comparison for those who are looking for relaxation in the open field, enjoying the best facilities.



The history of Mas del Sord has been widely documented, since 1286 we find the first references of its existence when it belonged to the knight Ferrar Gentil de la Selva. Nowadays, the Masía from 1335 belongs to the Espona family.

Mas del Sord has become a very important symbol in the construction of its county. The county was constituted because of different Masías surrounding it, among which Mas del Sord is the most outstanding.

Another of its relevant historical facts is that according to many references and old texts, the house was occupied by members of the Cister order during the XIV century.